Your Data,Your Legacy.

The Internet is transforming the way we exchange value and ownership, manage risk and perform transactions. While this transformation is taking place across all segments of the industry, the security and safeguarding for ownership of assets and data is becoming increasingly important. In today’s environment, cybersecurity is a priority at board level.


ZEBIOMETRICS, enabling technologies that deliver a better and more secure identification experience.

ZEBIOMETRICS, with its Swiss roots, whose mission is to spearhead the development of biometric interaction that facilitates the convenience and integrity of the individual. Enabling the highest level of biometric security – quite simply, by leveraging decades of human identification processes.


PoB® (Proof of Body) is a disruptive multi-layer biometric authentication technology that consists of identification mechanisms combined with a unique encryption algorithm that enables your physical body to become your most secure digital wallet.


We aim at securing the new disruptive class of human identification processes. PoB® allows government and commercial enterprises to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be. With its strong core team, unique technology platform and emerging global partnerships, ZEBIOMETRICS is well-positioned to immediately impact the biometrics market, being the only player in the market to provide such technologies.

PoB® (Proof of Body), Cold and Hot Wallet based on Body Biometrics for the Blockchain Era.

By combining the power of the Blockchain and several layers of biometric scans we have created what is the most deliberate evolution of personal identification.

The “Proof of Body” comes before your ID. Your ID is only a piece of the puzzle. Since we all have different ID’s but only one physical body. Without any ID (i.e. Passport, National ID Card, Driver License) citizens will be able to prove whom they are by simply going through a simple and non-intrusive scan of their biometric assets.

The benefits of the biometric PoB® solution include:

Strong Security:

The biometric data is part of your body and matched with a proprietary algorithm in certified devices to ensure that a person’s data and privacy are protected. Since biometric data is unique to each individual, the combination of multiple biometric data is significantly increasing the security of the individual´s biometrical assets and aligned data.

Alternative to conventional ID:

A simple authentication using your Biometric assets can be performed directly on a certified device, offering an alternative to old fashion and insecure identification assets like Passports and National ID Cards.

Your body acting has your cold & hot Wallet:

Hardware wallets and USB drives are subject to loss, damage or being stolen. Do not to entrust any longer third-party services to secure your accounts. PoB® provides an excellent solution for those who require a high level of account security. Particularly for large or sensitive accounts, implementing a PoB® and PoP® cold storage Wallet is one way to eradicate the risk of unauthorised access and maximise personal privacy.

Combining PoB® cold & hot storage with additional layers of security, such as device encryption, can further contribute to creating a well-protected cryptocurrency reserve.