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Humanity, identifies with us.

How It Works:

When a person scans their biometric assets on the sensors of a PoB® (Proof of Body) terminal, a comparison is performed between the body´s biometric assets and the encrypted data of the previously enrolled Biometric templates securely stored in the Blockchain, in order to anonymously authenticate the respective human body.

 In a situation of an enrolment, the different encrypted 3D Biometric scans of a human body are then crossed to create a unique pattern that represents your physical ID. In addition, a citizen can create a Biometric Gesture pattern in order to create an additional layer of security when asked to share its personal data and therefore create what we can call “a Biometric password”.


Fingerprint and vein pattern Protection

Your body biometrics as your unique identifier for your daily payments. No more need of a credit card or pin numbers. You accept the transactions with your finger “print&veins” scans and secure it with a biometric gesture pattern.

Additionally, you may also create a “PANIC” biometric gesture pattern that will normally unlock your account but at the same time silently informs authorities of the hijacking situation and will limit the amount of cash that you can withdraw. Even if someone knows your pattern you still need to be physically present during the transactions. It is believed that everybody has unique biometric characteristics in their bodies, so are the different biometric gesture patterns that you may create.